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We are engaged in supplying Power cable Accessories from well-established brand Raychem, Raychem RPG. We offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for all cable types. The most innovative utilities and industries around the world, including mining, marine, offshore and nuclear, use our power cable accessories. Designed to withstand environmental extremes and high pollution levels over long operating lifetimes, they help maintain service reliability in both overhead and underground installations. We have developed specially formulated insulation materials that resist tracking, erosion and degradation caused by ultraviolet light and other environmental stresses.
LV Joints & Terminations
MV Joints & Terminations
HV Joints & Terminations
EHV Joints & Terminations
Link Boxes
Other Cable Accessories & Tools
LV Joints & Terminations
Low-voltage joints
Raychem products offer excellent insulating and sealing performance with heat-shrinkable, gel and resin materials. These proven materials form the basis of straight and branch joints for voltages up to 1kV.
Heat-shrink, resin, gel technologies
Environmentally friendly sealants
Quick and easy installation
Re-instatement and energisation immediately after installation
Solutions for all cable constructions
Low-voltage joints for safety class cable
Rayvolve RVS
Raychem Rayvolve RVS kits are the easy, “roll-on” way to insulate and seal cable connections up to 1kV.
The gripping force of the specially formulated EPDM elastomer combines with a high-performance sealant to form a reliable, water-resistant, insulating sleeve that is UL listed and CSA certified for direct burial applications over in-line compression connectors. In addition, RVS kits are well suited for evaluation in other applications:
Residential junction blocks
Connections to secondary network protectors
Joint covers for “Y” connections in street lighting circuits
Cable connection for overhead bundled cable
Environmental seals for terminal lugs and insulated airport connectors
Four sizes of Rayvolve sleeves cover all common low voltage cable types from #8 AWG-1000 kcmil (10-500 mm2).
Low-voltage terminations
Consistent performance in harsh environments – such as extreme temperatures, atmospheric pollution, and ultraviolet light – has proved the reliability of Raychem terminations.
Heat-shrink technology
Quick and easy installation
Solutions for all cable constructions
MV Joints & Terminations
Medium-voltage joints
Millions of medium voltage joints have been installed on paper and polymeric cables worldwide, in the most severe service conditions, and under high electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stress. The reliability of the technologies is proven.
Heat-shrink and cold-applied technologies
Prefabricated components
Quick and easy installation
Easy and highly reliable installation
Applicability to different conductor and connecting techniques
Accommodation of tolerances, range-taking
Suitable for different conductor cross sections and cable constructions
Solutions for all cable constructions
Rayfit -Heat-Shrinkable Joint Sleeve for Medium Voltage Joints up to 33kV
Rayfit represents the new generation of heat-shrinkable jointing technology. It is based on a triple-extruded, heat-shrinkable, elastomeric joint sleeve component. The system is suitable for paper and polymeric cable constructions and is designed to accommodate modern jointing requirements such as mechanical shear bolt connectors.
Triple-extruded body provides a pre-engineered joint unit with fewer kit components
Advanced shrink behavior and profile-following are combined with a significant reduction in shrink time
High recovery forces result in tight electrical interfaces and perfect sealing ability
Optimized heat transfer due to reduced thermal capacity
The reduced overall joint diameter provides a slimmer and space saving profile
As an alternative to crimp connectors, kits can be selected with mechanical shear bolt connectors for conductor and shield continuity
Unlimited shelf-life simplifies material logistics and reduces cost
Medium-voltage terminations
Our medium-voltage terminations have been used by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than four decades.
Heat-shrink and cold applied technologies
Proven anti-tracking, erosion- and UV- resistant insulating material for indoor and outdoor applications
Easy and highly reliable installation
Suitable for crimp, soldered and mechanical lugs
Resistant to breakage and vandalism
Solutions for all cable constructions
Heat-shrinkable terminations for indoor & outdoor applications for polymeric cables up to 33kV.

Raychem’s heat-shrinkable terminations have a proven record of stability, durability and reliability over many years. Raychem’s cable accessories have been used by utilities and industrial companies.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use in all climate conditions, the Uniterm range covers applications for polymeric cables up to 33kV. The components combine to provide the important functions such as electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing, required for all medium voltage products.
No sheds for indoor applications up to 33kV
High-performance termination material
New ceramic stress control system
Compact design
Few components
Simple to install
Mechanical robustnes
Range takings
Inexhaustible shelf life
Medium-voltage switch gear connection systems
Heat-shrink and cold-applied systems for switchgear and transformers with standardized bushings for 250A, 400A and 630/1250A have been installed by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than 25 years.
Heat-shrink and elastomeric technologies
Right-angle insulating boots
Straight insulating boots
Separable screened adaptor systems for 250A, 400A and 630/1250A
Separable insulated adaptor systems
Suitable for crimp and mechanical lugs
Plug in termination 1250A
Easy and highly reliable installation
Solutions for all cable constructions
All products are available for 1c and 3c application
High-Voltage Joints & Terminations
Based on our knowledge and experience in the field of material design, we have pioneered some of the most important technical advances in cable accessory technology. Heat-shrinkable accessories are well accepted for medium-voltage distribution by utilities, equipment manufacturers and industrial users throughout the world.
For Twenty-five years, accessories have also been available for 69kV, 72kV, and 84kV transmission-voltages. For higher voltage classes we offer 145 to 170kV prefabricated joints and terminations for indoor and outdoor switchgear and transformers
Heat-shrink and elastomeric technologies
Cross-bonding, shield-break and external grounding facilities
Link boxes for cross-bonding
Mechanical lugs and connectors
Joints and terminations proven by extensive use in the field
Testing to international standards under the supervision of independent test institutes
Suitable for all polymeric cables
EHV Joints & Terminations
Extra-High Voltage Outdoor Termination up to 245 kV
The extra-high voltage outdoor termination (OHVT) is designed for voltages up to 245 kV. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. Composite or porcelain housings with different creepage lengths are available covering the most common and also extreme pollution levels.
The termination is designed according to following standards: IEC-60840, IEC-62067, IEC-60815, IEEE-48 & IEEE-1313

Dry Self-Supporting Outdoor Termination for 145kV
Raychem’s dry self-supporting termination is designed for voltage class 145kV. It is free from any insulating liquid or gel. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath.
The polymeric housing with long creepage length is operational under severe environmental conditions according to IEC 60071-1 1996, IEC 60071-2 1996, and IEEE-1313.1-1996.
Dry interface, no oil-filling
Pre-fabricated and factory tested silicone-rubber stress cone
Torque-controlled multi-contact conductor bolt
Fast and simple installation combining GIS plug-in technology with polymeric insulators
Isolated cable gland for sectionalisation
Type tested according to IEC 60840
Extra-High Voltage Joints up to 245kV
The joint is a pre-fabricated one-piece design for voltage classes up to 245 kV. Polymeric insulated cables of various designs can be adapted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. The silicone rubber joint body with integrated geometrical stress control provides proven electrical function. The joint components combine electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing to provide the important functions required for all High Voltage products.
Pre-moulded one piece joint body
Proven shield continuity concept
Factory tested silicone-rubber body
Special silicone-rubber provides perfect compression force for optimised electrical performance
Simple assembly
Moulded thick outer conductive screen
Geometrical electrical stress control by moulded conductive deflectors
The joint is designed according to following standards:
Type tested according to IEC60840, IEC 62067, IEEE404 & GB11017
Manufactured according to ISO9001 and ISO14001
EHVS – Inline and Shield Break Splice from 123kV up to 170kV
EHVS joint is a pre-fabricated three-piece design for voltage classes up to 170kV. Polymer insulated cables of various designs can be adopted with respect to shielding and metal sheath. Cross-section up to 250 mm2 is applicable
Pre-fabricated three-piece splice design
Using torque-controlled conductor sleeves
Short cut-back dimensions
Integrated moisture barrier using H/S components
Can adapt shield-break application
Pre-fabricated and tested Si-rubber
Type tested according to IEC 60840 and IEEE 404 standards
EHV Dry Compact Switchgear & Transformer Termination PHVS & PHVT for 72 kV, 145 kV and 245 kV
The dry compact switchgear termination for voltage classes up to 245 kV is designed to be installed in cable entry housings of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). It complies with IEC 62271-209 standard, which essentially specifies the interfaces between the termination and the switchgear. Therefore the termination will fit into all GIS complying with IEC 62271-209. Adapters are available to match the dimensions of wet (oil-filled) type terminations, and older designs specified in IEC 60859. The termination operates in SF6 but also in insulating liquids like transformer oil.
Dry interfaces, no oil-filling
Dimensions comply with IEC 62271-209
Pressure-tight resin housing
Operates in SF6 and insulating liquids
Pre-fabricated and factory tested Si-rubber stress cone
Torque controlled or wedge-type multi-contact conductor bolt
No special tools required to install the termination
Isolated cable gland for sectionalisation
Type tested according to IEC 60840, IEC 62067 and IEC 62271-209 standards
Link boxes are used with cable joints and terminations to provide easy access to shield breaks for test purposes and to limit voltage building up on the sheath. Lightning, fault currents and switching operations can cause over voltages on the cable sheath. The link box optimizes loss management in the cable shield on cables grounded from both sides.
Compact design
Stainless steel
1-phase and 3-phase boxes
Sheath voltage limiters (SVL)
Grounding box   Link box with Sheath 
Voltage Limiters(SVL)
  Link box with Cross 
Bonding Cables
Other Cable Accessories & Tools
Accessories for Nuclear Environments
Raychem has developed a series of heat-shrinkable components and kits to help seal and insulate electrical connections in nuclear power plants. Made of heavy-wall, flame retardant, cross-linked polyolefin and pre-coated with a nuclear grade adhesive, these products are designed to withstand radiation levels and temperatures attainable inside nuclear stations’ containment buildings.
Raychem nuclear power products are designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of protecting many of the 200.000 connections made in the construction of these plants. Raychem nuclear accessories have been subjected to very stringent LOCA/HELB tests to verify their performance capability in hypothetical nuclear accident scenarios.
Cable Repair Sleeves
Heat-shrinkable wraparound sleeves are a fast, versatile and permanent method of repair for damaged cable outer sheaths. Upon application of heat, the sleeve shrinks and adhesive melts and bonds to the cable sheath, creating a permanent seal against moisture entry into the cable. Wraparound sleeves are useful for repairs to cable outer sheath where it is not possible to use tubular sleeves.
Stripping Tool
Stripping tool for extruded and bonded cable screens and primary insulation for cable diameters from 35 to 90 mm.
High Voltage Installation Tool Box
The High Voltage Installation Tool Box includes all necessary tools for installing Raychem HV cable accessories up to 145kV.
With this comprehensive range of tools you will always find the right tool for the job. From simple standard tools to special high voltage tools, the installation tool box offers outstanding quality for a fast and reliable installation. All tools are field tested and chosen by skilled installers.
Other Tools
Cable End Caps Cable Entry Glands Cable Cutting Tools Cable Spiker Tools
ZCSM – Heat-Shrinkable Heavy-Wall Tubing for Low Fire Hazard Areas
This new low fire hazard material has been developed using the latest polymer technology to provide low smoke, low toxicity and low acid gas generation while being highly flame retardant and having a low calorific value.
ZCSM tubing is halogen-free and flame-retardant. A range of established tests, such as flame propagation tests, limiting oxygen index and temperature index have been carried out to assess the flame retardation properties of this material
Corrosion damage depends on the amount of acid gases generated when a material is burned, and therefore on the level of halogens and other acidic components in the insulation material. Pyrolytic analyses show only trace quantities of these substances in the ZCSM tubing. The low toxicity index rating derived from measurements of these and further Combustion products provide additional evidence of the material’s suitability for meeting special requirements of this kind